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Community Out Reach

A good education aims at not only formation of individual students but also brings about social changes. Vatican II Declaration on Education states (Gravissimum educationis Vatican oct.28,1965 art.1) that “A true education aims at the formation of the human person with respect to his ultimate good and simultaneously with respect to the good of the society of which he is a member.” Every person has the duty to make the society a better society. For that a proper understanding of the dynamic of the functioning of the society is required. Students

should get opportunities to know the social reality around them.

Social sensitivity has to be cultivated through systematic education. This includes education to social responsibility and welfare through personal involvement and personal contribution of time and money. Students have to be encouraged to contribute their mite for the welfare of the disadvantaged, which they can continue once they earn for themselves. They should get direct experience of the sufferings of the poor through involvement in social development programmes like education of the poor and disadvantaged children. Interaction with children with HIV/AIDS, mentally and physically challenged children, child labourers and street children will help them understand their problems. To achieve this, the social service departments of the MST missions shall work in close collaboration with the schools. Students shall be encouraged to participate in relief programmes during natural disasters and regularly contribute to the education of the poor and marginalized children. (Education policy of MST)

A visit to Dilasa a report by Joyce Bardeskar

October 2nd, this year was indeed very very special for the students of standard IX A and B divisions of Alphonsa School. The day on which India gave birth to its most revered citizen fondly known as ‘Father of the nation’ – Mahatma Gandhi, and also the day which most children of standard IX A and B will remember and cherish forever. As a part of ‘The joy of giving week’ (2nd October-8th October) the students decided to give their best in a unique way. Dilasa or- the hope for the destitute children and women inflicted by the curse of HIV AIDS, became the destination for the visit and celebration. The children were excited to the very core but at the same time a little curious and anxious. On this day they decided to showcase their talent in the form of dance, song, mimicry and humour. Before initiating with the day’s plans, the students along with the principal and few teachers, paid homage to Bapuji and proceeded by taking his blessings for the cause to be undertaken. Everyone landed at Dilasa, a sprawling campus in the outskirts of Miraj. Fr. Sabu, the architect and incharge of Dilasa, warmly welcomed everyone present at the entrance and took them on a tour of the campus. In the church, all children were given a briefing about Dilasa, and the spirit behind its concept and all the activities undertaken were explained in detail. The much awaited entertainment session followed next. Shruti Magdum and Megha Potti began the celebration with their enthralling welcome dances- hugely applauded by one and all. A plethora of dances,both individual and group, separately by boys and girls broke the audience into raptures. Little did the inmates know what was in store for them. Dances were followed by mimicry by Sourabh Chivate, who effortlessly took on the might of Baba Ramdev.

Having mesmerized, the Dilasa children with their talent, it was the turn of our students to become the audience and witness the extremely impressive performances meted out by the children of all age groups at Dilasa. Right from anchoring to the amazing dance performances they held the audience spell bound! They forgot their troubles and worries and performed with great enthusiasm, enforcing the fact that they were well looked after and given equal opportunity to develop their skills and talents. We were humbled by the behaviour and attitude of these children who fought all adversities with great aplomb. Next, a game conducted by Mayur and Ashutosh was a great hit in which all children from Dilasa took part. The best part of the game was that even the losers got something to rejoice ! The afternoon ended with mouth watering snacks which were specially brought by children from Alphonsa through their contribution and served with lots of love and affection. The programme ended with Ms. Cecilia giving the vote of thanks not in English- but in Marathi, with the same poise! The children had tears of joy and were moved by the spirit of those who battled the dreaded disease not with dejection and sorrow but with great courage and the will to lead the remaining life with dignity and purpose. The joy of giving week had the best beginning, one could ever imagine!