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Throughout history different kinds of crises have challenged the humanity. Some of them are political or economic crisis. Others are natural disasters or social crises. How we react, interpret and come up from the crises of today will provide us the way to survive the crises of tomorrow.

We all of us are aware that humanity is being challenged as never before due to the very dangerous reality called Covid-19.  The news is filled with the stories of sickness, Job loss, disappointments and death. It is a clear fact that exposure to the present negativity is making even the most optimistic person feel frustrated and depressed in one way or other. Hence, it is a time for each one of us to ask ‘why do we resist protecting ourselves from things that can harm our mental health?’ Let us not lose our hearts now. Do not let our weaknesses, disappointments and worries make the enemy stronger anymore.

We all of us are the children of the Almighty God, Who is constantly guiding each one of us by holding our hands everywhere at all times. With Him we all are ‘heroes’ and without Him we all are ‘zeroes’. During this Covid-19 period, let us fill our hearts and minds with good thoughts and ideas which can motivate all of us to face the future with the more enthusiasm and energy. Before I conclude, I would like to share with you all an inspiring thought that I read in a book in the past time of my life.


‘When life gives you hundred reasons to cry, you have to show your life that you have thousand reasons to smile’


Fr. Robin 

Vice - Principal